More to the Story…

My bank finally came through for me. They agreed to write an official check for the amount of money actually owed to Social Security – $1345.00. At first, they were going to write it for $1445.00 (the actual Treasury Department deposit amount that was being held) and make me fend for my $100 myself – but after some whining on my part and showing them “official” documentation of what was owed, they agreed to make it for the exact amount owed Social Security – imagine that… make it payable for the correct amount! What a novel idea!!


Next, I mailed it USPS Priority Mail on Wednesday, March 3rd and opted for tracking with the name of the person signing for the package. (I don’t know why I would be paranoid about it being received – ha!) I received confirmation that it was delivered on Friday. Would have sent it UPS overnight but the mailing address was a PO Box and after trying for over an hour to find an actual mailing address, I gave up.


Delivered on Thursday to my payroll department was the “wage garnishment” paperwork. Thank God I went straight to my bank and got the check as soon as they told me they would do it – and thank God that I went straight to the main post office in Oak Cliff and mailed the check that night.


I provided my payroll department all the documentation showing that the check had been cut – been made payable to Social Security for the amount due – and included the priority mail information showing it had already been mailed. The only intelligent person that I spoke to in this whole ordeal was our payroll manager who said it was good enough for him and he would file all the information together.


I don’t know what will happen next. Will I receive something saying that the amount has been paid and I am no longer under a wage garnishment? More importantly, will my company receive something calling the dogs off? Something inside me says that will be too simple.


My payroll department has about 2 weeks to receive something cancelling the wage garnishment order before our next pay period. I have to admit that I’m still a little (okay, a lot) worried. As logical as the people were at the Social Security office – and as many times as I heard the phrase ‘a wage garnishment order has already been issued, there is nothing we can do’ – I’m terrified – logic is not a trait they possess.


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